Just the Sax Ma'am

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just one more shot from last night's concert at our daughter's high school.


  1. Lynette Says:

    Hey, y'all, these band concert photos fill me with nostalgia for my student and my teaching days. I love high school marching bands, concert bands, choirs. I can't sing or play anything, but I'm the best audience member ever!

    I have a confession about Floral Friday. I'm having a devil of a time remembering what day of the week it is--too much on my mind getting ready to go on vacation on 10/21. I don't even know if I'll have time to make some posts to be posted later. I'm going to try, though, promise.

    Love that turtle!

  2. Lois Says:

    Love the title of this post!

  3. lizziviggi Says:

    Great picture-- and great title! It sounds like it was a crazy night, but you guys are such good parents!

  4. Lynette: You crack me up. Vacation huh? Where to? You know we're going to expect some top notch photos from wherever you go.

    Lois: A lot of kids wouldn't get it would they? Good for you. Glad you liked it.

    lizziviggi: Glad you caught the title too. ;-) I don't know about good parents, but sometimes we're ragged parents!

  5. Jacob Says:

    Excellent composition. I've been surprised at times at how good some of these high school bands really are. I played trombone many years ago in a Junior High band...as I recall, we were just awful!

  6. AB Says:

    Nice angle with the gleaming sax and the brass players lined up

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