Ruby Tuesday - T'maters

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As often happens I wasn't prepared for my post tonight. Right after work my wife and I headed to the local aquarium/fish store to buy a couple more fish. I gave her an aquarium for her birthday last week, and soon after we had trouble. You see, one of the (friendly - community) fish that we bought turned out to be a cold methodical killer. One day after we brought them home one of our little neon tetras was missing. The first thing I did was look around the aquarium and on the floor to see if it had jumped out. I didn't find a dried up carcas with carpet fuzz on it so we thought maybe it was hiding. Day two, another neon missing. Still no proof of what was going on. Day three we came home and witnessed the unthinkable. One of the Kribensis (Latin for cannibal) had killed the last neon and was in the midst of chewing on it's remains. That did it! Out he came and back to the store he went. We took his buddy along with him just in case. Anyway, back to the original story here. So after work tonight we went and picked out a few fish to add to her tank that we know are nice and mellow. This leads me back to my post. Not having taken a photo today I had to quickly search the archives. I didn't have to look far. We were at a friend's house about a week ago when I spotted these juicy red tomatoes. We'll just let them be our contribution to Ruby Tuesday.

For more colorful Ruby Tuesday photos click on the link below.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry the killer came home with you.

    We are old people. And when we were young people I decided to make a large waterfall in my back yard and I did. That was in the days before pool kits and waterfall stuff so we did it by hand and then I needed a motor and pump. I cobbled together a washing machine electric motor and a washing machine pump and it worked fine. I never thought about the power of the pump and motor but came out one morning and the gold fish had been sucked through the pump in the pool and spewed back out down the falls as fish scales.

    Belated birthday wishes to the Mrs. And the red tomatoes look very good.

  2. Lois Says:

    It's a good thing you found out about that cannibal when you did! Those tomatoes sure do look tasty.

  3. Jacob Says:

    A truly fishy story! But, I believe it. Some fish you just cannot trust. And some fish are dangerous.

    Now these tomatoes don't look at all fishy. They're quite beautiful.

    Fish and tomatoes go quite well together.

  4. Yummy! I'm with Jacob. Put fish in baking tray, add tomatoes, onion and a bit of white wine... Just kidding.

  5. brian stout Says:

    poor little fishies! how sad they couldn't communicate to you sooner and let you know what was going on!

  6. tapirgal Says:

    Sorry about the fish. Methinks you got some inadequate information. The tomato is gorgeous and looks like glass. So shiny!

  7. Abe: Holy cow Abe, that must have been like running them through a giant blender. That's too bad.
    Krise says thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Jacob: I believe what you say. This thing was pure evil with fins!

    brian: One was communicating. He wedged himself at the back of the tank between the filter and the side of the tank upside down. He wouldn't move he was so scared of being the next victim. We had a Freddie Krueger fish!

    tapirgal: We did get bad info. At least they did honor their guarantee and exchanged the fish. They really did the best they could to make us happy.

    Thanks all for the tomato compliments!

  8. Ruby red tomatoes and not fishy at all. MB

  9. Dusty Lens Says:

    Now all you need is mozarella, olive oil, basil, and a touch of balsamic for a tastey caprese salad. Make anchovy paste. ;)

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