A Matter of Personal Taste

Monday, February 1, 2010

Every day from the moment we get out of bed until we end our day we're faced with decisions. What sport coat would look good with what slacks, for the ladies which purse goes with which shoes, white bread or wheat. At some point the owner of this truck had a decision to make.


  1. Lol, that's what I call going green! ;-)

  2. Jacob Says:

    So, what do you think? Did he blow it?

    Or are you green with envy?

    I like diversity and believe in the adages "to each his own," and "whatever floats your boat," but that doesn't mean I can't laugh at this particular expression of preference!

  3. I've seen stuff like this in Bangkok taxis, indian richshaws and Senegalese trucks. Well, yes, it is a matter of taste. Or bad taste. It is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. hehehe :)

  5. Chuck Pefley Says:

    OMG! Run!!!

  6. I keep telling you, Olympia is a pretty colorful place.

  7. So do you think the person made the 'wrong' decision? Inside the cab may be worse than looking in from the outside. As you say--to each his own. And he OWNS it. MB

  8. Small City Scenes: You've got that right MB. It does take all kinds to make the world go 'round.

  9. brian stout Says:

    that may be my mom's car! although she always said she'd have dingle balls hanging too... =)

  10. Linnea W Says:

    Could he be anticipating St. Patrick's Day?

  11. Yolanda Says:

    I love it! Only in the Northwest! Sorta carries the theme from your moss/fern covered tree shot the day before. I'm also loving the reflection and bit of lens flare on this image.

  12. Lois Says:

    Yikes! That sure would wake you up in the morning.

  13. brian stout: Your Mom?? Well, dingle balls would be a nice touch here. ;-)

    Linneq W: Ha-Ha! Maybe.

    Yolanda: You know there actually might have been a touch of moss on this truck too.

  14. gogouci Says:

    Kind of looks like moss. I wonder if they have to condition after they shampoo.

  15. Hilda Says:

    If you ever meet the owner, you have to tell us what s/he's like!

  16. AB Says:

    It reminds me of the great Mambo taxi in "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" - http://outnow.ch/Movies/1988/MujeresAlBordeDeUnAtaqueDeNervios/Bilder/dvd-film.ws/15

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