Mud Bay (or Mud Day)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

On Saturdays I get off work at 3:00 and my wife is off at 5:00. Sometimes I take that couple of hours and go look for more places to photograph. That is what I did yesterday. My wife told me that the tide was out and Mud Bay would be a good place to go, so off I drove. When I got there I pulled the Cube over at a wide spot on the shoulder. I grabbed my camera, locked the car and started over the embankment at the end of the bridge. The area just off the road was nice and dry as the water doesn't really ever make it up that high, but as you walk down the slight incline you encounter slick, slimy, muddy, soft dirt and rocks. The spot where this shot was taken is about 5 or 6 feet below the spot where, while standing perfectly still, my feet first slid a few inches then suddenly flew out from under me. It's really pretty amazing how in a split second our reflexes kick in. My first reflex that kicked in was my right hand (the one holding the expensive camera) gripping the camera a little tighter and holding it straight up above me. Then my left hand went behind me to try to catch my fall. Nope, didn't work. Mud on my sweatshirt, pants, buried in my watch band, you name it. I managed to stand up a few seconds later and brushed as much off as I could. I continued on down and took a number of shots, meanwhile letting the mud dry before I got back into the car with the nice cloth interior.


  1. gogouci Says:

    Well, today's post isn't as appetizing as yesterdays. Glad to hear you and camera survived the mud pit. I once lost a shoe to the hungry mud flats on the coast...totally ruined my day.

  2. Save the Camera!!!
    You are a real trouper and did the right thing. Super under the dock shot too.

    So--now do you know why they call it MUD Lake???


  3. Lol, sorry, I can't help it. She must have been pleased to see that you had heeded her advice!

  4. Abe Lincoln Says:

    I know how you felt on the way down. I fell into a cotoneaster bush last summer and on the way down tried to figure out how to do it without mashing the bush flat or my rear end. I did good and think you did too.

  5. Yolanda Says:

    Nice save! I have found myself in many compromising positions with camera in hand. Too bad you fell though. I like this shot - love the repetitive shapes of the pillars and their reflections in the mud. Interesting light coming from under as well. A good shot makes up for the battle scars of the capture! :)

  6. Jacob Says:

    I'm sorry, but I, like Ciel, was laughing out loud. You write quite descriptively! Glad you weren't hurt, though! And most importantly, you saved the camera. Plus you got a beautiful image.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lois Says:

    Your description has me laughing, but falling down is always my biggest fear! I'm glad you got the shot though and saved the camera.

  8. Well, you know what they say: it is suposed to be good for your skin anti ageing.

  9. Well, if your fellow bloggers can't share a laugh at your expense once in a while, who can? :-)

    gogouci: Our daughter has had "the shoe thing" happen before. I'll bet it wasn't too funny when it happened to you.

    Small City Scenes: Yep, fully understood now.

    cieldequimper: She was chuckling at the same time she was asking me if I was okay.

    Abe Lincoln: So much goes through your mind on the way down.

    Yolanda: Yep, nothing hurt but my pride.

    Jacob: It's okay. I don't blame any of you for laughing, and you're right....the camera was priority one!

    Lois: One of these days your turn will come up Lois. I think it eventually happens to us all.

    Rob and Mandy: Anti-aging huh? Then my butt should look ten years younger! ;-)

  10. Hilda Says:

    Eek! Glad to hear you didn't get hurt and that you saved the camera. You and your clothes can be washed easily — the camera, no. How's your car's upholstery?

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