SkyWatch Friday - Grounded

Friday, February 5, 2010

SkyWatch Friday downtown at Puget Sound Energy's Plum Street Substation.

For more electrifying SkyWatch Friday photos click the link below.

Skywatch Friday


  1. Day4plus Says:

    I don't want to be dead so i will say I am grounded. Nice blue sky---for a cgange. MB

  2. gogouci Says:

    Let me be the first to say...electrifying photo.

  3. AB Says:

    Looks dangerous. What an intrepid photographer.

  4. Hilda Says:

    You'll have to explain that sign to slow me. Maybe I should go to sleep now. Might make sense to me tomorrow. Uh, later, I mean.

    Fantastic colors in this shot!

  5. Ah, I love industrial shots. Even dangerous looking ones!

  6. Jacob Says:

    Dear Don and Krise,

    I saw your photo on the portal. I clicked on your photo. And there was this big ol' electrical plant!

    Let me tell you, I was shocked!

  7. Linnea W Says:

    Kind of makes the hair on my head stand up!! ;=)

  8. That sign just caught our eye. Interesting wording isn't it?

    Day4plus: Well then please, stay grounded. We don't want you to have curly hair either.

    gogouci: And you are the first!C

    AB: Not dangerous for us. We didn't even touch the fence. :-)

    Hilda: If any given circuit is not grounded, it's still live. (and a hazard.)

    cieldequimper: I do too.

    Jacob: Does this have anything to do with "Grounded Hog's Day"?

    LinneaW: Naw, that's your magnetic personality.

  9. In other words, you touch it, you're dead

  10. Lois Says:

    I guess they mean business!

  11. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Interesting sign ... it seems to assume the reader has some rudimentary understanding of electricity ... gotta wonder about that!

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