Watery Wednesday - Capital Lake Morning Reflections

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taken on the way to work this morning. This dock is located at the Capitol Lake Interpretive Center.

For more Watery Wednesday shots click the link below.


  1. Deden Says:

    I love a nikon produce the color, but mostly the shooter who know to use it.. very great picture..

    warm greeting from Bandung Indonesia.

  2. Super shot. I like the reflection and then the wooden walkway.

    Sure I should have told my people to tell your people and we could of shared dinner. I didn't know you wanted to go too. MB

  3. Saretta Says:

    That's so beautiful, symmetrical and peaceful!

  4. What a peaceful scene this is. You could almost expect noise to start and the water ruffle into a disturbance as a result. it is so placid. I never even noticed the reflection. To me it is the initial image all parts combined that brings on my emotional response to it. I would have noticed the reflection later. It is really something nice to see and look forward to seeing, each day, on your way to work.

  5. Very peaceful and quiet indeed!! It os wonderful to be able to see something so beautiful and calm before starting a hectic day of work!

  6. eileeninmd Says:

    A lovely scene and a great reflection. Well done!

  7. Nice reflection. Excellent shot!! Hope you'll have a wonderful week.

  8. Lois Says:

    That is a beautiful picture! I like the way the dock carries your gaze out to the water and all of the lovely reflections.

  9. Lena Says:

    Beautiful photo!!!
    Lena from Sweden

  10. Strange, it doesn't look like winter at all. Maybe that's because most of us are obsessed with snow at the moment. Anyway, it's a lovely, peaceful scene!

  11. Jacob Says:

    Well, this one goes in your top ten! Gorgeous shot in every way! So good it sends chills up my spine!

  12. Deden: Thank you. Sometimes I get lucky.

    Small City Scenes: Two words. Chicken Alfredo. :-)

    Saretta: Thank you, it's a nice place.

    Abraham Lincoln: I do appreciate that Abe. I'll have to take this same shot later when the trees have more color.

    Diederick Wijmans: It is nice to go by here first thing in the morning.

    eileeninmd: Thank you.

    JonJon Rosaleen: Thanks, and the same to you.

    Lois: It was a nice calm morning.

    Lena: I appreciate your kind comments Lena.

    cieldequimper: If you look at the sky though you'll see the normal shade of gray for this time of year for this area.

    Jacob: I do appreciate that coming from the "master of the water shots" himself.

    I especially want to thank my new followers. I probably don't say that enough but I do thoroughly appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to stop by.

  13. Hilda Says:

    This is your view everyday?? I am so envious! Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Linnea W Says:

    Great view...if it didn't look so cold, I think I'd feel like running right off the pier into the water. Lovely lake; I can see why the Mud Snails have made their home there!

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