Put a Cork in it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

This collection of corks is on display in the front windows of Ramblin Jack's restaurant in downtown Olympia. And no, not a one of them have my name on them.

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  1. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Given the fact your name's not Jack, why would you expect to find your name on one of the corks?

    Oh, yeah, I get it ... you've drunk no wine here! Duh! Some days I'm pretty slow -:))

  2. Linnea W Says:

    That's funny! And what a collection! I collect corks and put them in display frames and give them away!! "Real" corks are slowly disappearing and being taken over by those plastic ones though...
    Glad you liked by Mellow Yellow shot!

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think I would like to know what in the world will they ever do with so many corks?

  5. Dragonstar Says:

    Not only a great phot opportunity, but they provide insulation as well. Er... does anyone dust them?

  6. Hilda Says:

    That's an impressive collection of corks.

  7. Jacob Says:

    Ramblin Jack's must sell a lot of wine which is strange 'cause the name would suggest rye whiskey, neat in a glass, followed by a few slugs of beer with a bunch of "Yahoos!" and "Howdy's" and "Y'alls".

    I'd recommend that you put a cork in it! (Ha! The window! Heh, heh!)

  8. Lois Says:

    That is a lot of corks. Just think of all the wine that was consumed!

  9. brian stout Says:

    I bet you could make a boat out of all those corks!

  10. Hey that's a great restaurant deco idea. Except that you have to drink A LOT.

  11. Yolanda Says:

    I have been wondering what to do with all of my extra corks! That makes a fun pattern to shoot!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Love the patterns. A few bottles of wine eh?

  13. Chuck Pefley: Don't worry Chuck, I go through many days like that myself. ;-)

    Linnea W: It's funny, I forgot to mention in my post that there's another window with about the same number of corks in it too. I'm guessing they've got some pretty happy customers.

    Aileni: Yep, you must hear that sound a lot there.

    Abraham Lincoln: Good question.

    Dragonstar: I guess they could stuff them in the walls and lower the heating bill.

    Hilda: And getting bigger daily.

    Jacob: It does sound more like an old western theme doesn't it? They do have some pretty good food there.

    Lois: I don't even drink. I'm no help to them at all!

    brian stout: The S.S. Wino.........er uh.. Minnow.

    cieldequimper: Calling all wine drinkers!

    Yolanda: There ya go! I'll be waiting to see that on one of your posts someday.

    awarewriter: Thank you.

  14. Corks are kinda neat and they used them well here.
    Chuckanut Inn up this way has a huge bowl of corks and I asked if I could have one and they gave me a bag and said take all you want. I took a few and now what will I do with them? Mb

  15. tapirgal Says:

    I wonder if it's any relation to Ramblin' Jack Elliott - a musician I enjoy, although a terrible drunk (I met him once).

    I'll be reading and commenting when I can between now and Feb. 21. I'm getting ready now, and on the 12th will be going to meet my Honey in London and see parts of England outside the city as well. My three active blogs will continue to post. I look forward to visiting often again when the adventure is over :) In my absence, don't do anything I wouldn't do :D

  16. Seen this quite often in southern Ireland, even though they rather have a Guiness down there. Must be a trend

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