Coneflowers, Center Stage

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This afternoon my wife and I decided to get out of the house, grab something cold to drink and take a few photos. We ended up downtown near Capitol Lake and Budd Inlet. While we were there we watched a seal playing in the water and doing a little fishing. Turning around and looking the other way, this flower box really caught our eye. It's surprising that anything is blooming as warm as it is right now. You can see the Legislative Building in the background.


  1. AB Says:

    Really nice composition.

    It looks like Washington State takes its architectural cues from Washington DC.

  2. Golly, that is a super shot. The coneflower taking center stage and the ones in front a littly fuzzy and the Capitol blurry also. Nice!! MB

  3. Abe Lincoln Says:

    In a normal lifetime those Purple Cone Flowers would be covered with bees and butterflies but like here, I don't see any butterflies.

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  4. Ah, wonderful photo. They do look a bit thirsty though, don't they?

  5. Lois Says:

    That photo is so pretty! I saw on the news that you all were having a heat wave up there. Stay cool!

  6. Paty Says:

    very beautiful, those colours are marvelous! your photos are so great that they make mw wanna visit Olympia!

  7. Thanks everyone!
    ciel: They do look droopy don't they?

    Lois: We're supposed to break 100 tomorrow, and may reach it the next two days.

    Paty: Thank you for visiting and your kind comments. Hopefully you do get the chance to visit the area.

  8. Jacob Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! It's the kind of photo that brings a smile to the face and warmth to the heart!

  9. Preciosa y original fotografia.

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