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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All right, I'm going to stick my neck out on this one. Yep, that's me in the late 60's, a skinny young kid holding onto my trusty Kodak Brownie. Even before the photography classes in high school, and yes even before digital I loved to photograph things. This particular photo was taken at Ft Nisqually in Pt Defiance Park in Tacoma. At that time I was involved in soccer. At the end of the season there was a Canadian exchange program. A Canadian soccer team would come down to our area & each of their players would stay with a member of the U.S. team for a weekend. A month or so later our team would then go up to Canada and stay with that player's family. It really was a wonderful program, and of course back then it didn't take an act of Congress to travel back and forth. Anyway, this is only one of many old photos I'm going to be posting as I organize 50 years or more of photographs. Okay, you can take your shots now.


  1. Lynette Says:

    Step back! It's a volley, no it's a barrage! Of shots of admiration!

  2. Radu Says:

    It`s a wonderfull photo, I like it a lot. The old feeling is priceless, nowdays you have to work your way with the Photoshop to get that beautifull look. I`m amazed how the details have preserved. It certanily has that american 60`s feeling wich I`m found of. Very nice!

  3. tapirgal Says:

    This is great! I hope you will keep sticking that neck out, because I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for reminding me how much easier it used to be to cross the border. It would be easy to forget a passport and have to go back until we get this one fixed in our minds!

  4. Abe Lincoln Says:

    Well, you started before I did. And I have seen a number of your photographs and you are making a name for yourself in the blogging world.

    I began to get serious about photography in 1953 in Japan. I have always owned Canon cameras and lenses. I wish I could afford to buy their best lenses like I did back in the early years when we bought F1.4 and f2.8 lenses because the glass was larger in diameter and not so much because it was faster. It was a status thing I guess.

  5. Lois Says:

    Love that shirt Don! That's a great picture and that camera really brings back memories. My dad had one like that and he always let me carry it and take pictures when we were on vacation. I still have a lot of those pictures and you have inspired me to go look for them!

  6. Lynette: Thank you.

    Radu: The photo is more "well preserved" than the subject. ;-)

    tapirgal: Thanks. Things are different now aren't they?

    Abe: You are too kind.

    Lois: You just had to mention the shirt didn't you? Thanks a bunch Lois. ;-)

  7. Shadow Says:

    I love this! Your fate was shaping and you didn't even know it!

  8. Oh you look like a young, swinging Beatle!

  9. Frank Says:

    I like the reference to a young, swinging Beatle was dead-on. Seriously, I have been looking for that polyester, paisley shirt for years and wondered who I lent it to. (It was a temp loan; is it clean? NO, don't put an iron to it, they melt!!) Do post more. Our days grow bland and boring and this really helps.

  10. All right you two! Enough with the Beatles jokes! You are right though, that was the era wasn't it? Hey Frank, did you have the "Beatle Boots" to go with the shirt?

  11. AB Says:

    Fab sixties gear!

  12. Jacob Says:

    This looks like a very nice young man! Any fella with a camera has got to be something special...

    My first "good" camera was a Kodak Retinex which I bought the year you were born (1957) at the Navy Exchange in Port Lyautey, Morocco...

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