Let Me See Your Ripples

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After a record tying 104 degrees today here in Olympia for some odd reason we thought it best to go out for dinner rather than adding to the problem by cooking at home. Before dinner though we decided to take the short drive to Millersylvania State Park in Tumwater. Not only was it a peaceful drive, but this photo of Deep Lake seemed like the perfect opportunity to capture our contribution to Watery Wednesday.
P.S. My wife double dog dared me on the title. Always stirrin' the pot.

For more refreshing Watery Wednesday photos click here.


  1. AB Says:

    You must have dined late. These look like nice twilight colours.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I thought the title was appropriate and just typed that with a smile and all those other words running through my mind. Nice shot of the lake. Stunning sunset.

    Yes, those prehistoric birds that go way back in time, would probably not fit in my birdbath.

    One thing though, the bird bath might have been useful to insects of that time period. I wonder what they looked like?

    Like I said to several people whose blog I read, like your blog, who live out west in your area, that this has been the coldest July ever recorded here.

  3. Love the title!!
    Beautiful and COOLING shot of the lake. We have to try to stay cool anyway we can. Lots of people headed to some store where the AC was on. MB

  4. Lois Says:

    Glad you didn't pass on the double dog dare! I like the title and the picture is beautiful. Hopefully you will get a break from the heat soon!

  5. Frank Says:

    Love th post title. She obviously knows her man. Sitting here in only 90 degree heat we have really felt sorry for you folks with day after day record high temps. It's gross and other parts of the country are aware and suffering in our hearts. The water had to be refreshing even if you didn't go in. Or was there a moment that you thought about jumping in?

  6. Cool title! And lovely photo. Would it be possible to wade in there?

  7. Thanks everyone for having a chuckle with us.
    Abe: I knew you'd get it.
    Frank: That water did indeed look mighty tempting. In fact when I was in sixth grade in Tacoma we went to this park for a week long camp. Years later we end up living just a couple miles away. You can go swimming there. I would imagine the humidity is much worse where you are.

  8. tapirgal Says:

    I didn't even noticed the title until I read the text . . . now I'm laughing. Thank you!

  9. Jacob Says:

    I like your ripples! They stand out so nicely!

    Just gorgeous! Hope it cools down for you!

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