Like Son, Like Father

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, I couldn't just post a photo of myself with my camera gear without showing you where I got the bug. This was my father Don Sr. As you can see this was taken in November of 1958 which means he would have been 29 yrs old. Since I was born in August of 1957 I would have been 1 yr & 3 months old. We were living in Spokane Washington (where I was born). Dad brought out the camera & light meter often to capture memories. He was always good at remembering to photograph everything from sports to first day at school to birthdays to simple days out in the yard. Dad passed away in 1981. Looking through the boxes of photos I really appreciate the memories he remembered to record.
P.S. This was scanned from a fairly small photo. I didn't even realize it was slightly fuzzy until I scanned it.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    No guessing where you got your handsomely, dashing, good looks from!


    BTW love the Brownie pic!!! XOXOX

    Hey hot stuff you busy this weekend?

  2. AB Says:

    Shame that he passed away - great that he will at least have left you with photos to remember him by - of him and taken by him.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Those are good memories and nice to be able to scan the photos for use today.

  4. Jacob Says:

    Looks like a lot of our photos - only I'm the guy in the photo...

    There's just nothing better than to have our memories one form or another (well, most of our, some of our memories?)...

    Thank goodness your dad took a bunch of photos...

    Many people in those days did not. I took a lot of slides which still look good, but it's always such a hassle to set up and show them...and it's an incredible amount of work to scan them all...

    Have a great day!

  5. Lois Says:

    Who cares if it's fuzzy! It's a great photo. I have dozens of these little photos with the date on them and the uneven edges. I'm glad when there is a date because some people in my family were not good about dates or names. I always try to remember to do that for whoever will be looking at my pics years from now.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Your right, I love the picture! Also the ones of the old homes.

    Love you lots! maa

  7. Anonymous: I think you're partial :-)

    AB: Amen to that.

    Abe: You know all about scanning photos too. You've done a few.

    Jacob: Is the memory the first thing to go?? It's funny you mention slides. I have a few hundred of those too. I haven't even started on those yet.

    Lois: I love it. A good share of my old photos do have the date on the border. It's really helpful.

    Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by. I knew you'd like it. Love you too!

  8. I love old photos of loved ones. this is so cool how you shared a common interest with your Dad.

  9. Steffe Says:

    Nice to see and read a little about your dad. And it reminds me that I have a few old family photos to scan.

  10. tapirgal Says:

    I'm hoping to find time in the next year or so to do a lot of scanning. I can't use them on the Astoria blog, because none of our family lived here, but I have other blogs for that! You're encouraging me. It's fun, but you really do have to set aside some time!

  11. Thank you all for allowing me to share my small "trip back in time."

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