Steppin' Out

Monday, July 20, 2009

Continuing on with scenes from Capital Lakefair this past weekend, the parade draws an amazing crowd. People line both sides of the street from start to finish. It's really nice to see so many people pull their kids (and sometimes Dads) away from the X-Box and spend an afternoon together outdoors. There were beautiful floats, marching bands, cheerleaders and more, but this lady really got our attention. With all due respect, she is no spring chicken, but let me tell you she had as much spring in her step as the kids. More than some of them. It was really warm Saturday. There were people all along the route making sure everyone was taking in water. Anyway, our hat's are off to this lady, whoever she is. My wife even commented that she hopes her legs look like that when she's that age. You go girl!


  1. tapirgal Says:
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  2. tapirgal Says:

    Your caption made me smile. I'll take legs like that at any age (on me). Yeah, she has spunk, too!

  3. gogouci Says:

    Who can resist a parade...not me!!!

  4. AB Says:

    I take my hat off too, to the lady and her legs, and to the photographer who snapped in her in full stride.

  5. And walking in heels on cement. Ouch. More power to her I guess. She sure looks happy. Don't we all love a parade. MB

  6. Dusty Lens Says:

    She's getting plenty of good exercise walking in the parade.

  7. Lois Says:

    Good for her! She looks fabulous.

  8. Jacob Says:

    It's so wonderful when a community comes out for an event like this! Great shot.

    Regarding Pastor Barney: You betcha!

  9. Thanks. She wore us out just watching her.

    AB: I appreciate that.

    Jacob: Amen. ;-)

  10. Rob Says:

    she seems full of energy!

  11. Lynette Says:

    How fantastic! Aren't you tickled that you got this photo? Wow!

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