Four by Four'n the Faith

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For our third and final entry from this past weekend's Capital Lakefair I thought you might like to see the latest in transportation brought to you by The Church of Living Water. The "Monster Bus" is definitely an attention getter at local events and car shows.


  1. Abe Lincoln Says:

    I think this is a neat idea. And you are right, nobody could not look at this.

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  2. Hey man, cool bus.

  3. Leif Hagen Says:

    A school bus HUMMER?!!

  4. Meri Says:

    Wow. Just wow. Was it Marshall McLuhan who said, "The medium is the message?"

  5. Jacob Says:

    Very colorful shot. Looks almost like a Hummer. I'm sure they consider it an "evangelism" tool!

  6. tapirgal Says:

    I've never seen anything like that. I enjoyed the comments above! I'm glad they have plent of money :)

  7. Babooshka Says:

    Well it got my attention. Great idea.

  8. AB Says:

    One of Classic Reflection Coachworks latest creations?

  9. brian Says:

    that's a cool bus! definitely an attention getter!

  10. Lois Says:

    My grandson would adore this bus! He is really into his monster trucks, but I know he's never seen a monster bus.

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