July Theme Day - Empty

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July everybody!
Looking through our collection of old 35mm cameras, "empty" is the state most of them are in.
Please, follow the link below to see some wonderful contributions to theme day.
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  1. That's a wonderful idea!

  2. AB Says:

    Ah yes, film. I remember that! And waiting days to get photos developed, only to find they were a load of rubbish.

  3. Abe Lincoln Says:

    No film. Empty. I found one of my Polaroids the other day and the air over the years turned the leather on it a cream color. Looks bad.

  4. Lois Says:

    Great Theme Day post! I also have an old Polaroid camera I used in college. My kids think it's funny.

  5. JM Says:

    Brilliant idea and a really nice shot too!

  6. Hilda Says:

    Am I strange if I say that I think this camera is a beauty? I love it!

  7. Thanks all!

    AB: I know what you mean. 3 good shots out of a 24 exposure roll. Arrgghh!

    Abe: A polaroid huh? You'll have to pick up some film and show us how it still works.

    Hilda: No, that's not strange at all. Thank you.

  8. gogouci Says:

    Ha!!! Too funny. Mine have fallen into the same status of inactivity.

  9. Dusty Lens Says:

    i am now wondering if film will still be available in the near future.

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