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Friday, July 17, 2009

As this is my first official post for "Skywatch Friday" I thought it should have some sort of local significance. If you drive through downtown Olympia you cannot miss this crane. This is to be the site of the new Olympia City Hall. For more detailed info about the project click here.

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  1. Steffe Says:

    I enjoy following the goings on at construction sites. Interesting to see a new structure take form.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think you got a new shot out of the construction site.

  3. AB Says:

    It seems it will look pretty swish when it is completed.

  4. Welcome to Sky Watch. Great shot of a huge crane with super clouds behind. MB

  5. mkreider Says:

    I enjoy your crystal clear photography and interesting blogging. Very much likes the Like Son, Like Father post.

  6. Lois Says:

    That is a beautiful SkyWatch picture! Love that gorgeous blue!

  7. Thank you all! I appreciate it. Sometimes you get lucky.

    mkreider: Thanks so much for stopping by. The son/father was selfish fun.

  8. Hello!! So who do you know in Ritzville that now lives in Spokane? Email me and I will ask my daughter's in-laws--they probably know them. It is just interesting. My email is on my profile. Thanks, MB

  9. Jacob Says:

    The colors here are just superb. And that crane...they always amaze me...and cranes are important to construction today...

  10. Marju Says:

    A really beautiful image!!

  11. brian Says:

    love the colors in this!

  12. gogouci Says:

    Nice choice for 'Skywatch'. Love the industrial setting and silhouettes.

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